Fuzzy Logix

fuzzy logix

In 2007 two ex-Bank Of America colleagues  – Partha Sen and Mike Upchurch – formed Fuzzy Logix. With a combined passion for solving problems with quantitative methods, data mining and pattern recognition, and a foresight of how businesses would increasingly collect information and need to achieve actionable insight from this data, they created a business that transformed data analytics. By performing the analytics directly where the data resides and eliminating the need to move it, in-database analytics was created.

Now a global business with more than 50 employees, Fuzzy Logix is proud of its roster of clients for whom we have helped achieve unprecedented time, cost and resource savings with their data analytics. Fuzzy partners with some of the best analytics platforms in the industry, and continues to develop products and services to meet the ever-increasing big data challenges faced by businesses and organizations.

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