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Nava Health Secures Funding From Decathlon Capital To Accelerate Growth Initiatives

Expansion of the healthcare company will be supported through a company-friendly revenue financing package


COLUMBIA, MD (PRWEB) APRIL 16, 2024 — Nava Health, an innovative group of holistic health and treatment centers focused on integrative medicine, has landed a multi-million dollar investment package from Decathlon Capital Partners. Details of the revenue-based funding transaction were not disclosed.

Nava Health, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, will use the funding to open new Nava Centers across the country to meet customer demand. Since its inception in 2014, Nava Health has opened five centers and also offers telemedicine services. Nava Health brings customized treatment protocols to those living with chronic conditions through its Nava Care Experience. The company has plans to open seven more centers in the near future.

Bernie Dancel, Chief Executive Officer of Nava Health, said that combining integrative, preventative, functional, and regenerative care into one treatment plan is what sets Nava Health apart from other healthcare providers. “When my wife Connie was ill, it was integrative medicine that focused on holistic solutions to disease rather than simply treating the symptoms that finally helped her feel better,” Dancel said. “We aim to give this same level of care to all our patients with our staff of top doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, licensed nutritionists, medical technicians, and life coaches.”

Nava Health will repay its investment from Decathlon Capital Partners through its future revenues, thanks to the dilution-free, company-friendly funding package.

Kevin Grossman, Vice President of Decathlon Capital Partners, said that Nava Health is helping to bring integrative medicine into the mainstream. “Since 60 percent of Americans have at least one chronic disease, the need for centers like Nava Health that focus on treating the disease and not just the symptoms is clear,” Grossman said. “We at Decathlon are excited to watch the continued expansion and impact of the Nava Centers.”

About Nava Health
Nava Health is a vertically integrated, tech-enabled healthcare practice that combines integrative, functional, preventive, and regenerative medicine. The innovative medical practice uses a data-driven, personalized approach to optimize health and increase longevity. Nava Health provides each client with an individualized wellness roadmap tailored to their specific symptoms, medical needs, and personal goals. All client wellness roadmaps result from a proprietary diagnostic process, the “Nava Method™,” which utilizes data and specially designed software to create optimal personalized client outcomes. To learn more visit

About Decathlon Capital Partners
Decathlon Capital Partners provides growth capital for companies seeking alternatives to traditional equity investment. Through the use of highly customized revenue-based financing solutions, Decathlon provides long-term growth capital without the dilution, loss of control and operational overhead that often comes with equity-based funding. With offices in Palo Alto and Park City, Decathlon is the largest revenue-based funding investor in the U.S. and is active across a wide range of sectors. Learn more at


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    • Operating history of at least two years

    • Annual revenues between $4 million and $100 million

    • Annual growth rate of 10% or more

    • Attractive gross margins

    • Experienced management team

    • North America-based operations

    • Near-term visibility to cashflow-positive status