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V School Funds Expansion of Existing and New Programs with Investment from Decathlon Capital Partners

Growth of the tech training platform will be supported through a company-friendly, revenue-based funding agreement


SALT LAKE CITY, UT. (PRWEB) JULY 11, 2023 — V School, the online training platform that teaches its students to code and design websites, has landed a growth funding package from Decathlon Capital Partners. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

The growth funding will support the launch of V School’s new cybersecurity and digital marketing academic programs, as well as to help fulfill V School’s mission to help more veterans, BIPOC, and women launch careers within the technology industry. The company aims to give its students meaningful technology background and work experience to make success inevitable.

V School’s technology training platform is individually tailored to fit each student’s needs in order to maximize their learning and career outcomes. Using a responsive learning model, each curriculum is customized to complement the student’s background and learning needs. Then, V School uses their wide network to help students build a living portfolio by working on real-life projects that fill experience gaps so that they can land their dream job in tech.

Michael Zaro, CEO and Co-Founder of V School, said V School’s responsive learning technique is what sets it apart from universities and technology bootcamps. “Our graduates are landing jobs in the tech industry at two times the average rate of university graduates or bootcamp attendees,” Zaro said. “That’s due to our responsive learning model, which allows students to progress based on mastery of skills and not course hours or credits. They are fully immersed in hands-on projects and always have access to all the materials they may need, which lets them move onto new skills on their own timeline.”

No equity, ownership, or control of V School was exchanged for the capital from Decathlon Capital Partners. V School will repay the investment through future revenues via a flexible, multi-year partnership.

Matt Hoffman, Vice President of Decathlon Capital Partners, says V School’s dedication to eliminating barriers for people interested in the tech space has helped its exceptional growth. “As V School continues to grow its student population and make the technology industry more accessible through its income share agreement and scholarships, Decathlon Capital Partners is excited to watch the expansion of its programs, as well as the launch of new ones.”

About V School
V School is a fully online training platform that offers courses in web development, UX/UI design, and cybersecurity. Through its responsive learning model, students are expected to master skills instead of working a certain number of hours. Content is live-streamed, curriculums are asynchronous, group projects are real-life proposals, and coaching is one-on-one so students can work around their life to launch their dream career in technology. Learn more at https://vschool.io

About Decathlon Capital Partners
Decathlon Capital Partners provides growth capital for companies seeking alternatives to traditional equity investment. Through the use of highly customized revenue-based financing solutions, Decathlon provides long-term growth capital without the dilution, loss of control and operational overhead that often comes with equity-based funding. With offices in Palo Alto and Park City, Decathlon is the largest revenue-based funding investor in the U.S. and is active across a wide range of sectors. Learn more at www.decathloncapital.com.


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    • Operating history of at least two years

    • Annual revenues between $4 million and $100 million

    • Annual growth rate of 10% or more

    • Attractive gross margins

    • Experienced management team

    • North America-based operations

    • Near-term visibility to cashflow-positive status