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StrongArm Technologies, a leader in workplace safety management systems, secures a multi-million dollar growth funding package from Decathlon Capital Partners

New funding transaction will help support the company’s continued growth via a shareholder-friendly, revenue-based financing structure


StrongArm Technologies, the market leader in wearable safety technology that identifies risk and prevents injuries in the workplace, has landed a multi-million dollar growth funding package with Decathlon Capital Partners. Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

The funding will support new customer programs, new product innovation, and expanded deployment capabilities for StrongArm Technologies, which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company’s wearable technology aims to prevent injuries before they happen by providing real-time safety alerts to employees quickly and efficiently while giving enterprise employers access to predictive safety analytics using the data captured.

Sean Petterson, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of StrongArm Technologies, said the company believes that safety, productivity, and efficiency all deserve an equal seat at the table. “The vast majority of workplace injuries can be prevented,” Petterson said. “That’s why our safety wearables focus on ways to prevent these costly injuries. Our data can actually show our customers the small operational adjustments they can make for their Industrial Athletes’ safety.”

StrongArm Technologies recently merged with Worklete, a complementary technology company that provides preventative safety training solutions. The joint organization will do business as StrongArm Tech. Krista Morgan, General Partner at Stage Ventures, believes the combination of the two companies provides enterprise employers with the most comprehensive and time-tested digital injury prevention solution in the market. Importantly, Decathlon Capital Partners’ revenue-based financing will provide flexibility for StrongArm Technologies as it continues to grow. “Decathlon’s unique financing model enables StrongArm Technologies to support its growth trajectory without diluting its shareholders,” Morgan says. “We look forward to working with Decathlon.”

John Borchers, Managing Director of Decathlon Capital Partners, said the exceptional growth of StrongArm Technologies since its inception reflects its mission to build a safer workplace and the power of its predictive data platform. “The numbers show that the SafeWork System from StrongArm Technologies really delivers the goods by reducing workplace injuries for its customers,” Borchers said. “We are pleased that Decathlon Capital Partners can assist in helping StrongArm Technologies achieve its growth plan.”

About StrongArm Technologies
StrongArm Technologies is a rapidly expanding workplace safety management system company that uses predictive data from safety wearables to reduce workplace injuries. Its SafeWork System tells employees in real-time to correct unsafe behavior and reports on ways to reduce risk and drive safety culture deep within customer’s facilities. Learn more at

About Decathlon Capital Partners
Decathlon Capital Partners provides growth capital for companies seeking alternatives to traditional equity investment. Through the use of highly customized revenue-based financing solutions, Decathlon provides long-term growth capital without the dilution, loss of control and operational overhead that often comes with equity-based funding. With offices in Palo Alto and Park City, Decathlon is the largest revenue-based funding investor in the U.S. and is active across a wide range of sectors. Learn more at


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    • Operating history of at least two years

    • Annual revenues between $4 million and $100 million

    • Annual growth rate of 10% or more

    • Attractive gross margins

    • Experienced management team

    • North America-based operations

    • Near-term visibility to cashflow-positive status