Pepperdata lands financing from Decathlon Capital Partners to accelerate sales, marketing, product development

Transaction will help fund the company’s growth through a dilution-free, revenue-based funding agreement


Pepperdata Inc., a leader in big data performance optimization, landed a significant investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to fund continued product development as well as growth of its sales and marketing initiatives.

Maneesh Dhir, Chief Executive Officer of Pepperdata, said the investment will solidify Pepperdata’s position as the leading provider of big data performance solutions used by enterprises such as Autodesk and Royal Bank of Canada. “ML, AI and data science initiatives are growing exponentially and result in either insufficient infrastructure capacity or cloud costs spinning out of control,” Dhir said. “With our automated optimization solution, customers can improve big data performance and ROI by increasing throughput on existing infrastructure or using fewer resources.”

This investment provides important flexibility as Pepperdata expands into new markets and enhances its product offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprises that seek to get more out of their big data systems and software.

Wayne Cantwell, Managing Director of Decathlon Capital Partners, said Pepperdata is well-positioned to build on its leadership position. “Since its founding in 2012, Pepperdata has focused on developing tools to optimize big data performance,” Cantwell said. “Its leadership team listens carefully to the evolving needs of its customers, and the Pepperdata team continues to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. The company has created a solid foundation for continued success.”

Details of the transaction were not disclosed by Pepperdata, which is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

About Pepperdata
Pepperdata offers big data performance optimization both in the cloud and on premises. Unlike solutions that provide only summary dashboards from monitoring vendors, Pepperdata automatically scales system resources while providing a detailed and correlated understanding of each application using hundreds of real-time application and infrastructure metrics. This helps IT maintain business continuity, ensuring that applications and workloads meet SLAs and track resource spend for clear accountability. Companies such as Autodesk and Royal Bank of Canada depend on Pepperdata to deliver big data success. Learn more at

About Decathlon Capital Partners
Decathlon Capital Partners provides growth capital for companies seeking alternatives to traditional equity investment. Through the use of highly customized revenue-based financing solutions, Decathlon provides long-term growth capital without the dilution, loss of control and operational overhead that often comes with equity-based funding. With offices in Palo Alto and Park City, Decathlon is the largest revenue-based funding investor in the U.S. and is active across a wide range of sectors. Learn more at