Nine Decathlon Capital Portfolio Companies Make the Inc. 5000

Decathlon Capital’s revenue-based financing solutions help companies accelerate growth and create value without any dilution or loss of control, so we’re proud to announce that nine of our portfolio companies have made this year’s prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. 


#6Hunt A Killer. Touting a 3-year growth rate of 20,485%, Hunt A Killer makes their debut as the 6th fastest growing company on this year’s Inc. list. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, CEO Ryan Hogan and his team’s goal is to provide interactive entertainment experiences that position participants as detectives looking to solve thrilling stories revolving around sci-fi, horror, and mystery— all played through a home-delivery subscription box-style gaming model. The company has used Decathlon’s funding to drive significant revenue growth with nearly $27 Million in 2019 sales, and we are thrilled to continue supporting the Hunt A Killer team along their outstanding growth trajectory.

#86ICU Technologies. Led by Brian Van Norman, this Roseville, California-based security technology firm drove 3,783% growth over the past three years, placing them in the top 100 fastest growing companies this year. ICU’s mission is simple: to understand objectives of the stakeholders, design a security solution to accomplish those objectives and create measurable and reference-able business outcomes for all parties. Decathlon’s funding has been used to drive sales expansion and market development, and we are excited to be a small part of ICU’s success story.

#110 Redline Steel. Headquartered in Tanner, Alabama, Redline is a customized décor manufacturing company inspired by design and relentless innovation to bring a level of quality unprecedented to what’s been seen in home décor. The company is proudly veteran owned and operated and all products are 100 percent manufactured in the United States. Debuting at #110 on the 2020 Inc. list, Redline has achieved a 3,216% growth rate over the past three years and, according to Founder & CEO Colin Erwin, is just getting started. Decathlon first invested in Redline in 2019 to support increased manufacturing capacity, and we look forward to their continued success.

#459AudienceX. AudienceX is the largest independent trading desk for digital marketing, deploying high-performing end-to-end marketing campaigns for all industries and utilizing artificial intelligence to do so. The company has seen consistent revenue growth with a 994% increase in sales over the past three years. Headquartered in Southern California, AudienceX is led by CEO Reeve Benaron. Decathlon provided a multi-million dollar investment in January of 2020, and we  send our congrats to the AudienceX team on the recognition and continued success. 

#1059Supply Kick. Founded in 2013, SupplyKick is a marketing and inventory management solution for brands selling on Amazon. The company has helped partner brands sell over $50 million of products on the Amazon Marketplace, and is building the next great digital retailer. Headquartered in Indianapolis, SupplyKick is led by Founder and CEO Christopher Palmer, who could be credited for helping the company reach a 438% three-year growth rate and returning appearances on the Inc. list since the company’s debut in 2017. Decathlon first invested in the company in 2019, and is eager to follow Christopher and team on this growth journey.

#1685 — Brydge Technologies. Based in Park City, Utah, Brydge Technologies designs and manufactures cutting-edge electronics cases, which allow users to convert their tablets to laptop computers using Brydge’s turn-key solution. The company made the Inc. 5000 list for its fourth consecutive year thanks to tremendous growth and strong leadership. Led by Toby Mander-Jones & Nicholas Smith, Brydge achieved a three-year growth rate of 255% and generated over $18 Million in revenue during 2019.

#2790Murphy Door. Founded in 2007, Murphy Door makes it easy to build and install a beautifully functional doorway bookshelf system. The company’s products are produced at its headquarters in Ogden, Utah and distributed nationwide. Directed by a full-time firefighter, the company is proud that more than 80% of all its employees or family members are directly involved in full time, part time or volunteer police or fire departments. CEO Jeremy Barker has led the company to a three-year growth rate of 143%, and Decathlon is excited to see what’s to next to come for the fast-growing manufacturing firm.

#2943 — Emtrain. Founded in 2006, Emtrain helps organizations through online workplace and compliance education and analytics. As a certified woman-owned business, the HR tech firm, led by Janine Yancey, makes it’s debut on the Inc. list following a robust three-year growth rate of 135%. Decathlon invested in the company in 2017, and we have been thrilled to watch the Emtrain team’s success in both growing the business as well as raising significant institutional capital. 

#3612 Myrtle Consulting. Appearing on the Inc. 5000 list for their fifth year in a row, this Texas-based operations consulting company is dedicated to helping global manufacturing organizations transform their operational performance. Myrtle’s Chief Executive, Edwin Bosso, led the firm to almost $35 Million in revenues during 2019, and helped them record a three-year growth rate of 102%. Founded in 2012, Myrtle plans on continuing along the growth curve and is looking forward to the coming years.

For Decathlon, these companies are illustrative of what we do both as individual investments and as a group. While this year’s Inc 5000 portfolio companies are different sizes, operate in a wide variety of sectors, and are located in different regions, each company has leveraged revenue-based funding to help accelerate growth without having to suffer any dilution or be bound by overly restrictive financial covenants. Whether they have been selected for Inc.’s list over several consecutive years or are making their debut with plans of staying, this achievement testifies to the strength of their business models and management acumen. We congratulate all of them, and look forward to their continued success.

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