Scribe Technology Solutions Secures Investment from Decathlon Capital Partners

Jan 22, 2019 9:22 AM

NAPLES, FL, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE – Scribe Technology Solutions (‘Scribe’), a cloud-based developer of healthcare data tools and services, announces a seven-figure investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to support the company’s growth.

Scribe’s platform-as-a-service and mobile application helps healthcare professionals efficiently create and manage patient medical records. More than 50,000 healthcare professionals already use Scribe tools. Scribe configures its products and services to meet the unique challenges of each medical practice. The results are higher physician productivity and profitability.

“We’re all about restoring physician productivity by developing simplified and easy to use apps and services,” said Scribe President and CEO Mark Boyce. “Our responsive approach to meeting challenges delivers improved patient care and practice profitability. Our solutions are so popular, in fact, that the company needs to grow to meet this demand.”

“It’s a nice problem to have,” said Tom Luther, COO at Scribe. “We’ve been so successful to this point that fresh capital was needed to support our sales momentum and enable us to develop new technology solutions for the healthcare industry into 2019 and beyond. Decathlon’s investment will enable us to reach these goals.”

Scribe helps medical professionals create patient encounter documentation via cloud-based transcription, along with offering tools to monetize coding, billing, and managing insurance claims. The company also offers analytical software including intuitive dashboards designed specifically for the unique needs of medical facilities. Scribe also configures tools specific to individual client requirements.

“Scribe is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals manage patient records and workflows,” said Decathlon’s John Borchers. “Their tools boost productivity, help manage costs, and improve efficiency at a critical time in the healthcare profession. We are pleased to support the Scribe vision of improving healthcare through great technology.”

About Scribe Technology Solutions

Scribe Technology Solutions’ goal is to transform the healthcare industry by increasing physician productivity, simplifying workflows, making information more accessible, actionable and valuable, resulting in improved quality of patient care, productivity, and profitability. Scribe’s platform and mobile applications specialize in the capture, creation, monetization, analysis, and communication of healthcare information by and between all participants in the clinical care process. Its technology-enabled services employ leading edge concepts including artificial intelligence and robotics, next generation speech recognition and natural language processing to ensure best of breed, lowest cost and highly scalable infrastructure and service delivery methods. More than 50,000 healthcare professionals use Scribe’s cloud-based platform. Learn more at