Capital to Take Your Business to the Next Level Without:



Loss of Control

Personal Guarantees

Restrictive Covenants

A Never-Ending Fundraising Process

Decathlon is a Revenue-Based Financing Firm

that offers revenue-based funding solutions that replace the need for equity investment by allowing a business to repay an infusion of growth-capital from a small percentage of future revenue.

You took the risk. You built the business. Now that you are taking things to the next level, you deserve capital for growth – without having to give up equity or control.

A Top Revenue-Based Financing Firm

Decathlon Capital Partners provides revenue-based funding to growth-oriented companies with $4 million to $100 million in annual revenue.  We support companies in a wide range of industries and focus on long-term partnerships.
As the country’s largest revenue-based funding investor, Decathlon is transforming the way established businesses fund their growth.

Clean.Tech, A.I.-Driven Solar Firm, Closes Revenue-Based Funding Round with Decathlon Capital Partners

Clean.Tech, a fast-growing company that puts the power of artificial intelligence to work in the design, engineering and pricing of residential and business solar systems, has landed a significant investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to support its further expansion.


Gander Group, Leader in Casino Gifting, Completes Revenue-Based Funding Deal with Decathlon Capital Partners

Gander Group, a leader in the creation of exclusive gifts provided to casino guests, has landed a significant investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to support its further expansion.

Splash Beverage and Decathlon Capital Agree on Revenue-Based Funding Deal to Fuel Growth

Splash Beverage, a fast-growing beverage group headed by former executives of Red Bull and Tradewinds Tea, has secured a revenue-based financing deal that will fund the company’s continued expansion.


Global E-Commerce Distributor Cartsquad Announces Major Funding Deal with Revenue-Based Investor Decathlon Capital

Cartsquad, a leading global e-commerce distributor and brand developer, has accepted a significant investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to fund a series of strategic acquisitions as well as support the growth of sales and marketing.


Tentrr — the ‘Airbnb of Camping’ — Agrees to Revenue-Based Funding Deal with Decathlon Capital Partners

With outdoor recreation exploding in popularity and demand far outstripping supply, Tentrr, a company reimagining camping for new generations of outdoor lovers, has landed a significant investment from Decathlon Capital Partners to expand its national camping network and platform.

Magical Butter

Magical Brands Inks Revenue-Based Financing Deal with Decathlon Capital to Meet Infusion and Extraction Device Demand

Magical Brands has closed a multi-million-dollar revenue-based financing deal with Decathlon Capital in an agreement that will boost the company’s production of innovative botanical extraction devices and edible products.

Teal Drones and Decathlon Capital Partners Agree on Multi-Million-Dollar Funding Deal to Fuel Growth, R&D

Teal Drones has accepted a multi-million-dollar investment package from Decathlon Capital Partners to fund the company’s growth and finance continued research and development efforts.

Revenue Based Financing | Decathlon Capital

ScienceMedia Strikes Investment Deal with Decathlon Capital to Accelerate Clinical Education Platform

ScienceMedia, the leader in life sciences and clinical trial education, has agreed to terms on a major revenue-based financing investment with Decathlon Capital to support the continued growth of SMi Trial, the company’s clinical trial risk based protocol training platform.

Insellerate Used A Non-Dilutive Funding Company | Decathlon Capital

Mortgage CRM Insellerate Lands Decathlon Capital Partners Investment to Expand Technology Platform

Insellerate, a leading mortgage CRM and engagement platform, has received a multi-million-dollar investment from revenue-based financing firm Decathlon Capital Partners.


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